PCN Staff

Clinical Director

Dr Sam Bethapudi

The remit of the Clinical Director is to further bring practices and a range of stakeholders together to collaborate at scale for the development and delivery of service to a local population. The PCN will provide a framework and focus that will support education, sharing of skills, knowledge, good practice and communication across all the member practices. The Clinical Director will help foster a culture of quality improvement within the PCN and ICP. The Clinical Director also has a particular remit in enabling the PCNs to re-orientate the health and care system towards population health and population health management as they will have a granular knowledge and understanding of their local communities. The Clinical Director plays a critical role in shaping and supporting their Integrated Care System (ICS), helping to ensure full engagement of the PCN and specifically primary care in developing and implementing system plans to deliver the NHS Long term Plan - and its aim of triple integration (primary & secondary care, mental & physical health, and health & social care)

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